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Marie Adele, LLC  
"Keeping Loved Ones
Close At Heart"
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Since 2005, Marie Adele, LLC, has been a small,
family-owned company in New Jersey, taking great
pride in our excellent customer service. We want
happy customers, whether you're making a
SweetHeart Pouch gift purchase, or you're having
a special piece of furniture transformed in our
Forever New Refinishing department. If you have
any questions for us, please check out our
Customer Service page and feel free to contact us
by phone or email.
What is a SweetHeart Pouch?
In 2003, while waiting to pick up my daughter in
the school parking lot, I observed some of the
boys and girls holding hands as they left the
school building. Some of them were saying
goodbye to each other and a question came to
my mind. How could two people who care about
each other, feel close to one another, even
when they're apart? From that moment, I was
determined to come up with an inexpensive gift
idea that would help people feel connected to
their loved ones. I wanted it to be affordable
and small enough to fit under a pillow, or in a
drawer, pocket or purse. I thought about how
powerful our sense of smell is and that's how
the SweetHeart Pouch idea first came about.
That close connection to someone could be felt
by holding their cologne or perfume scent
along with their photo and handwritten note.

After many different design ideas, and without
telling anyone what I was doing, I finally came
up with a design that I thought would work best
and I showed my family the prototype. They
said, "A Sweetheart What?!"

A SweetHeart Pouch is a small, 3" x 4" sheer
organza pouch that comes in eight colors.
Inside each pouch is a note card made of
business card stock with a photo frame on the
front. Also included is a one inch, twist-top
container with a small color-matched heart
inside. You spray the heart with your perfume
or cologne, put it back in the container and put
the cap on. You write a little note in the note
card and slide your photo into its front frame.
Place the note card and container in the
drawstring pouch and give it to someone you
love and they will have your photo, scent and
loving written words to hold and to cherish. You
only smell the scent when you twist off the cap.

I still have the original heart that was sprayed in
2003. It was never resprayed and still has the
scent on it, although it isn't as strong as it was
originally. The scent lasts a long time, even
more than a year, if you use full strength
perfume or cologne.

My family's strong bond of love and support
helped Marie Adele evolve into what it is today.
The company, named after my mom - an angel
watching over us, has a logo with four leaves.

The top leaf represents my sister, the two
middle leaves represent my twin brothers, and
the youngest bottom leaf is me. My brothers
helped with the product printing and
logo/website design and my sister - my original
partner, helped with her invaluable people skills
and artistic talents, not to mention her amazing
ability to keep me smiling and laughing on a
daily basis! We received our approved
SweetHeart Pouch Trademark and opened our
company in 2005. In 2009, we added
SweetHeart Pouch Teddy Bears to our product
line. I designed the Teddy Bears, hand-picked
the plush fabric, and had them made in the
USA. Each Teddy Bear has a
3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch
tummy pocket pouch, ready for you to fill with a
gift for that special someone. Our customers
have filled their Teddy Bear pockets with
candy, cookies, SweetHeart Pouches, jewelry,
gift cards, money, a tooth for the Tooth Fairy,
engagement rings and more.

In 2014, with the help of my husband (who is
also my business partner) I added the
Forever New - Refinished Furniture, Gifts
and Home Decor
division to our company. I'll
be adding new Before and After photos to the
gallery on a regular basis, so feel free to visit
our website weekly to check them out!

Like our
Forever New Facebook Page to
see lots of photos showing the process behind
each furniture repair and refinishing job.

With thanks and appreciation for all the support
we receive from our friends, family and
~ Gina ~
Marie Adele, LLC
Copyright © 2005-2016
"Keeping Loved Ones Close At Heart"
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