This day that comes
but once a year is here.
It's Christmas - for everyone to share!
Unique, an eternal gift to all of us
who can and will embrace it.
Touching us with welcome,
with the spirit of giving and forgiving,
with hugs and kisses and good cheer.
It speaks of Peace On Earth-
that precious, yet elusive state
of happiness we seek.

In the while,
in the sounds that herald its arrival,
we hear jingle bells ringing,
carolers singing,
and children filled with glee
as they scramble to unpack
the hoped for, yet unsuspected
gifts cascading all around them.

It's Christmas,
encompassing the world,
as it speaks of promises
and good will to all on earth.
And I, mesmerized, enthralled by
this spectacle of hope and faith
and blessings,
am filled with the joy of celebration
on this Christmas Day.
Christmas poem written by
Thomas D Ginefra Sr
September 8, 2007
It's Christmas
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