The Gifts Of Easter
Easter's Here.
The truth is evident that hope
and dedication,
so strongly allied,
are gifts of Easter,
cascading all around us.
A cornucopia of lore and tradition,
and a connection
to their biblical ties.

It all started with forty days
in the wilderness,
a crucifixion, a cross, a resurrection.
These Easter gifts handed down
one generation to the next,
chronicled in the message, the lines,
and verse of the holy text.

Our forty days of Lenten fast,
repentence and sacrifice,
downpayment for everlasting life.

Let us appreciate the glory of it all.
The Ash on Wednesday -
The burning of the palm -
The happiness and joy and
celebration of Easter and its psalms.

Our cup runneth over, yes.
Blessings fill our basket and our mind.
Let us rejoice. It's Easter time!
Easter poem written by
Thomas D Ginefra Sr
February 25, 2007
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