Father's Day Poem
written by
Thomas D Ginefra Sr
May 1, 2007

Just a note to let you know
how much you mean to me,
how deep the gratitude I feel-
the thanks I give to you.

Since I was just a little one
perched atop your knee,
when I needed help,
it was you
who rescued me from harm,
from disbelief,
from disappointment
or from grief.

Your kindness, your caring,
your strengths
are all mile posts
along my growing up-
and even now.

I will never let your wisdom
go unheeded.
Your sense of justice,
pride and leadership
have become my own.
My world has been
productive, fruitful.
Accomplishment and
fulfillment are a part of me
because of you.

On this Father's Day,
I want you to know how very much
you are a heartbeat with my own.

Enjoy this Father's Day
with all my love
from me to you.
On Father's Day
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