They say that love is blind,
and that it's heaven made for fools.

They also say that everything is fair
in love and war.
And here I am,
imprisoned in your arms,
since love walked in the door.

What joyous chemistry runs through my veins,
What bliss is my domain,
Since first I felt your soft caress,
your lips of fire - the flames sweep higher
and the torrents of desire
ease softly with your touch,
like gentle drops of rain.

Be this my destiny,
my world,
my everything - is you!

They say that love is blind.
But if that then be true,
how could I ever sense
the magic of your charms,
and the wonderment of you...

...when love walked in the door.
Love poem written by
Thomas D Ginefra Sr
October 27, 1996
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