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"Keeping Loved Ones
Close At Heart"
SweetHeart Pouch  
*The Black SweetHeart Pouch
comes with a
Red heart.
Hold the photo and perfume or cologne
scent of someone you love in a
SweetHeart Pouch. They are unique
military deployment gifts and high school
graduation gift ideas for him or her!
6.625% sales tax added to New Jersey orders.
Light Blue
Light Pink
Light Yellow
Emerald Green
Spray the heart with perfume or
cologne, cap it, & share your scent,
photo & note with someone you love!
Desert Camo
Warning: Choking Hazard -
Small Parts. Not Intended For
Children Under 4 Years.
After you spray a SweetHeart Pouch
with cologne or perfume, the scent is
only detectable each time you open the
container. Your SweetHeart Pouch    
gift won't fill your room with a scent!
Screw the cap back on and the scent
disappears until the next time you open
it to feel close to your special someone.
SweetHeart Pouch Directions
Take the container out of the 3" x 4"
pouch and twist off the cap. Remove
the heart and place it on a disposable
surface, such as a paper plate. Spray
the heart with your favorite perfume or
cologne and allow it to dry completely.
When the heart is thoroughly dry,
place it back into the container and put
the cap on. Remove the plastic photo
protector from the inside of the note
card frame and use it to size your
photo. Write a message to your
"special someone" and slide your
photo into the frame of the note card.
Next, slide the plastic photo protector
in front of your photo. No matter where
you are, with just a twist of the cap, he
or she will always have your scent
close by.
As seen in
Have you ever smelled a scent that
took you back to a special time or place
in your life? SweetHeart Pouch gifts
hold the scent and photo of someone
you love and can help you make that
connection. How comforting would it be
for a child to have the scent of a parent
or grandparent close by on the first day
of school, or for a loved one to be
soothed by the scent and photo of a
family member or friend? The
SweetHeart Pouch gift fits in your
pocket or purse so it can be within
reach when you want to feel close to
that special someone you love. Just
twist the cap and release their scent!
You can keep a SweetHeart Pouch in
the plush tummy pocket of a

SweetHeart Pouch
Teddy Bear.
SweetHeart Pouch
Teddy Bear with a
tummy pocket pouch.  
Unique Military Gift
Deployment Gift
Graduation Gift
Christmas Gift  
Tooth Fairy Gift Idea
A SweetHeart Pouch is a unique
military gift idea for a deployed
husband, wife, son, or daughter.
It is a special going away gift idea for
a college student who misses a friend,
boyfriend, girlfriend, or family
member. Whether it be for him or her,
it is also a fun gift for a child, boy or
girl, 4 years and older from a parent,
grandparent or other special

SweetHeart Pouch Q and A
SweetHeart Pouch Gift Idea  
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