The soul of Suribachi ever gloats,
But high atop her summit floats,
Emblazoned emblem for all the world to see.
Iwo Jima, bastion of an Eastern World,
Falls to planters of a Western flag unfurled.

On high, sea beacon beckoning
on captured crest,
To crippled war birds coming home to rest.
Below with bloodied bayonets,
with guts and guns,
Incredible Marines stormed, stood, and won.

Bold, beribboned builders of a corps,
Heroes rich in combat-colored lore;
Spoke with spouting guns and belching flame,
'Neath sands of glory now,
a legendary name, MARINE.

Pacific Atolls - Stepping stones to victory.
Islands of the Rising Sun,
Vanquished, shambles in defeat and destiny,
Relentless warriors, "A job well done."

Add more of battle scenes, more accolades,
More flags unfurled -
still more of peaceful scenes.
Symbols of a fighting man,
and a sacrifice supreme.

The bugle notes echo, in a wind that's chilled.
Red sunset, gray ash, white cross of the stilled.
This sky, star-filled tonight, our fortress dome,
Our new tomorrow's hope... we're going home.
Military Marine Iwo Jima Poem
written in February of 1945
by Thomas D Ginefra
Sergeant Of Marines
Thomas D. Ginefra Sr
Of Men
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