Mother's Day
We honor Mom today,
Mother's Day - One day a year,
to show our thanks to the fullest depth of life.
Her gift of love transmitted, full to us,
and we in turn, return in full,
our measure of devotion.

So important in life-giving, in nurturing, in healing,
and the blend of everything we know
and do and feel and value.
Trust and patience, faith and fantasy-
genetic print without a hint of lessening maternal love.

To all who live within the realm of her activity,
the loyalty, the thanks, the great appreciation
that issues from our heart and soul.
She must know that all her efforts,
all her sacrifice, all her contributions have not gone
unnoticed or unmarked in life's struggle and evolvement.

The days pass by us swiftly
releasing each new second reluctantly,
yet in great expectation.
Each second swirling- twirling, tremulous,
like pirouetting leaves.
We gather up our memories one by one
and hold them close and dear to us,
as we celebrate the magnificent magic...
...Mom - The wonder of our world.
Mother's Day Poem Written by
Thomas D Ginefra Sr
April 20, 2007
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