When I heard about your
SweetHeart Pouch I
immediately ordered it for my
husband. He is a police officer
& works many long hours. I
thought this would be a great
way for me to still be with him
even when he's at work. I'll
always be there for him. The
SweetHeart Pouch is so
unique & such a great item for
male or female, young or old.
If you can't always be with
your loved one this is the next
best thing. What a great idea!
Thank you so much!  

Kathy - Hazlet, New Jersey
I saw the magazine ad for
the SweetHeart Pouch and
instantly knew it would be
perfect for my Sweetie!  
We have to be separated
for a year and I thought it
would be a great way for
him to take me with him
while he is gone!  He
absolutely loves it!  Thank
you so much!  It's making
missing me a little easier
on him!   Your Sweet Heart
Pouch is a wonderful idea!

Thank you!

Christine - Plainfield,
My husband is in the Army
and currently over in Iraq. On
days I am feeling down I go to
the bathroom, open up his
bottle of body wash and smell
it. I find comfort in that. I
figure that he could use
something like that as well so
when I stumbled upon your
site I was very excited and
immediately purchased one. It
arrived Monday morning and I
immediately scented it and
mailed it out to him yesterday.
I know that being able to open
up the container and smelling
the perfume I always wear will
also give him a bit of home
and some sanity.

Thank you for such a
wonderful product.

Laura - Saint Robert, Missouri
My husband sent me one
of the sweetheart
pouches and it's the most
amazing gift I've ever
received.  The Air Force
keeps us apart often, but I
carry the container in my
pocket everywhere I go.  
Whenever I'm missing him
or whenever I'm thinking
of him I take it out and the
smell takes me back to all
of our memories!!  
Thank you so much!!

Jessica - Wife of Senior
Airman Jonathan -
Fairbanks, Alaska
I was diagnosed with breast
cancer. It was the most
devastating news I could receive.
(All I thought of was my husband
and my five kids.) I had my
surgery and radiation. I bought
six of these pouches and gave
each one of my children their
favorite color. I sprayed my
perfume and wrote each a note.  
"Something to remind you of me.
Wherever you go I will always be
with you". Not a day goes by
where they don't pick it up and
hold it.

Betty - Brick, New Jersey
The SweetHeart Pouches I
bought from you are
wonderful.  I carry my special
pouch in my purse with my
fiance's cologne on it so
when I start missing him, I can
take it out, and be reminded of
him.  My daughter loves hers
also. I'm getting married in
February and I will be
purchasing more of your red
SweetHeart Pouches to give
our guests as favors.  Since
I'm getting married the
weekend of Valentine's Day, I
thought the red ones would
be a great idea.......Thanks so

Lanette - Beachwood, NJ
When my mom gave a
Sweetheart Pouch to me, I
started to cry, it smelled like
her.  I live so far from her.
When I'm missing her I pick it
up and her scent is right
there.  It is a wonderful thing
you have done to create this.

Thank you so much.  

Kim - Yorktown Heights, NY
SweetHeart Pouch
Spray The Heart And Hold
The Photo & Cologne
Scent Of Someone
You Love!
SweetHeart Pouch
Available in Eight Colors
I found the Sweetheart
Pouch online when I was
searching for something
meaningful to get my
father-in-law for Christmas.
When I saw the Sweetheart
Pouch, I immediately knew
he would love it and
ordered it right away. My
father-in-law travels a lot for
business and the hardest
part for him is leaving his
wife of 42 years every time.
He was so happy when he
opened the gift and had my
mother-in-law put her
perfume on it right away. He
doesn't leave town without
that thing now - he said it's
been interesting through
airport security - then he
said he was just kidding!  

Thanks for designing such a
loving memento - it's really
a great idea!

Sarah - Virginia Beach,
As seen in
Unique Gift Idea for
deployed boyfriend,
husband, girlfriend, wife
I came across this Sweetheart
Pouch one day googling gift
ideas for military. I was hooked
right away on the idea, as my
boyfriend is currently deployed
on a year mission & I've sent
things to him before, such as
pillowcases I would spray my
perfume on before sending. My
boyfriend loved when I would do
this, but later he would tell me
the scent was starting to fade &
it made him sad. So, when I
found this Sweetheart Pouch, I
just knew right away he needed
me to get one. I got the one in
green as he knows it's my
favorite color. I put my perfume
on it before sending. My
boyfriend told me when he
received his package he had no
idea what it was haha, but when
he opened the little container
and could smell my perfume
right away, he LOVED it!  It
instantly made his day, &
calmed his mind & nerves just to
have that scent he knows me
by, and now he can keep it for
much much longer. I thank you
SO much for whoever came up
with this idea, it may be a small
thing, but it leaves HUGE
impressions & lasting ones, little
"pick-me-ups", just the thing a
soldier needs when they are
gone in another country for so

Thank you!!!
Cristal C. - National Guard
I purchased a couple of
SweetHeart Pouches, one
for me to give my boyfriend
and one for my friend to
give her husband. My
boyfriend was deployed to  
the Middle East. He said, "I
smell your heart at least
once a day to cheer me up. It
makes me feel great inside
and makes me feel like you
are there sitting next to me."
Thanks so much. This is a
great idea.

Valerie - Cannon Air Force
Base, New Mexico
Thank you so much for my
desert camo sweetheart
pouch! I sent it in a care
package to my soldier for
Christmas. I'm sure he'll love
it. I loved it & think it's a
great idea because he can
carry that little card around in
his pocket & even that little
container.....it was perfect!!!

Thanks again for your prompt
shipping!!! I had just gotten
out of the hospital & was
frantically getting a care
package together & your
package arrived in the blink
of an eye! Thank you & I've
definitely been passing the
word along about your
sweetheart pouches! Thanks
again for helping alleviate
some stress with the ease of
ordering & fast shipping!!!

I just received my sweet heart
pouch today and I love it! I cannot
wait to send it to my husband who
is currently deployed to Iraq! :)

Thank you so much for your

Kimberley S - Army wife
Thanks for the fast shipping!!
Wow!!!! I found out about the
sweetheart pouch on a forum
post about military gift ideas. I
got the desert camo pouch for
my deploying boyfriend. I have
to buy so much for care
packages!... thank you! :).

I received my order today. I'm
sending it to my husband in
Kuwait. Thank you so much!

SSG Audrey M
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The Sweetheart Pouch is truly
an amazing gift. My Mom gave
and a picture of herself. I have
had many hard days and when
I am having one of them, I just
go into my purse, where I keep
it, think of her immediately and
actually feel better. My mom
and dad have always been
there for us. When I feel like I
need them, I just get out my
reminder. I love my Sweetheart
Pouch so much and use it so
often, I got one for my
daughter who was going away
to college for the first time. I
gave her one with my perfume
on it and also gave her one to
do for me. My daughter,
Kristen, is one of four kids. We
are a very close-knit family.
She had a hard time going
away because she missed us
so much. She uses her
Sweetheart Pouch often and
feels a lot better. She keeps it
right on her desk at school.
Even though we talk often, she
says it's like me being right
there with her. I'm glad I have
one from her because I really
do miss her and when I look at
her picture, and smell her
perfume, it makes me feel
happy. These little Sweetheart
Pouches are wonderful. This
was such a great idea. Thank
you, Marie Adele, for creating
them and Mom for giving this
gift to me.

Elle - Howell, NJ
on Sweetheart Pouch
and Teddy Bear orders!
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